Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Termite Control Important?

  • Termites are active in all areas of mainland Australia
  • Termites cause extensive damage to the timber wall and roof structures of homes and commercial buildings as well as timber floors, carpets, architraves, bathroom and kitchen cabinets fixtures, fixed timber furniture and even electrical cabling
  • An average 34,000 homes each year in Australia are attacked by termites
  • The average damage cost is approximately $10,000
  • Before construction is the only time to select the type termite management system to provide the future protection of the home or building

Is Termite Damage Covered by the Homeowners Insurance?

No. As the risk of termite attack and damage is so high, insurance companies exclude it from home and contents insurance. The same applies with commercial premise insurance.

Must New Homes or Buildings Be Protected From Termites?

  • For new homes, the National Construction Code of Australia and AS 3660 makes it mandatory for the builder to provide some form of termite protection
  • When timber structural members are used the Code and Standard require a termite management system to be installed
  • If termite resistant structural members are used a termite management system is not mandatory
  • It is not compulsory in commercial construction to have a termite management system. Architects and specifiers however will include a system to help protect the building and contents, and to cover their and the builder’s liabilities

What Is a Termite Management System?

  • The purpose of a termite management system is to deter termite attack from concealed entry into a house or building
  • In most situations they deter entry around service pipes and joints in the concrete slab, and entry up perimeter cavity walls. They are applied or installed at the time the concrete slab is poured, and during or post perimeter wall construction.
  • The concrete slab-on-ground built to AS 2870 forms part of the overall termite management system as termite cannot physical eat concrete
  • A termite management system cannot guarantee termites will never enter a home or building however they go a long way to minimising the likelihood of concealed entry
  • Typical systems include chemical soil treatments, chemically impregnated blankets such as Smartfilm, stainless steel mesh barriers such as Termimesh, and other physical barriers

Are Steel Frames or Treated Timber Homes Termite Proof?

Steel roof homes are not termite proof. Other areas of the home are still vulnerable to termite damage. For example timber floors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Any material containing cellulose is vulnerable including furniture, books and paper and packing cases. They can even damage electrical wiring and foam insulation.