How Smartfilm Works

The termite control agent in Smartfilm, deltamethrin, is an insecticide modelled on the natural pyrethrins produced by the chrysanthemum daisy, nature’s own cure for insect problems. Consequently it has low toxicity to warm blooded animals, although deadly and highly repellent to termites.

Smartfilm consists of three layers. An inner geotextile fibre blanket impregnated with deltamethrin, which is laminated top and bottom with robust plastic membranes. The blanket holds the deltamethrin securely in place and enables Smartfilm to maintain its ability to kill and deter termites. It is also structured to prevent termites from penetrating through the blanket.

The upper green plastic layer is sufficiently thick to provide an additional benefit as a moisture vapour barrier or damp-proof course.

The bottom white plastic layer stops soil and grit from getting into the fibre core. It also prevents the deltamethrin from leaching into the environment, ensuring it remains locked away from soil organisms and moisture.

Both the top and bottom membranes are extremely durable but in the unlikely event of damage can easily be repaired.