What Is Smartfilm?

Smartfilm is a chemically impregnated geotextile blanket providing an extremely adaptable, flexible and highly effective termite management system for any type of new residential or commercial construction.

Smartfilm was designed and tested in Australia to suit our conditions, and to protect against our voracious native termites. It is installed in high risk termite concealed access points during construction and all installation specifications comply with the National Building Code of Australia and Australian Standard 3660.1.

Smartfilm’s many unique features and benefits provide a very attractive alternative to other chemical blankets used in preconstruction termite management.


Smartfilm Benefits

  • A slim and compact profile, making it less obtrusive to following trades
  • Strong grout and mortar adhesion from the embossed upper surface
  • Tough, robust and durable – blunt objects and workmen’s boots, for example, will not damage Smartfilm and in the unlikely event that a hole is accidentally produced, it’s easily repaired
  • Flexible to suit all construction methods and complicated areas such as multiple penetrations, stepdowns, control joints and many more
  • Safer handling due to unique Thermo-compression TechnologyTM inhibits the escape of the deltamethrin from heat sealed fibres
  • Superior performance and long life protection from deltamethrin active crystals which are highly effective in killing and repelling termites
  • CodeMark certified through the Australian Building Codes Boards (ABCB) ensuring compulsory acceptance by Building Certifiers
  • Proven to work with more than 100,000 homes and buildings protected, and the number grows daily! Smartfilm is protecting houses and buildings in Australia, South East Asia and Europe
  • Environmentally responsible as recognised by the Green Product Community listing